Inline-Hose CS-Ultra Waterfilter NIEUW

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97,00 € stuk Gewicht: 300 g
Breedte: 4 cm
Lengte: 30 cm
Hoogte: 4 cm


 CamperThe AQUA Logic Inline-Hose-CS-Ultra concept is a compact In-line drinking water filter, developed for water treatment in Mobile Home and Yachting. It can easily be mounted in the supply hose by aid al the included hose-


This water filter consists of an assembly of Hollow Fibre Ultra Membranes, combined with a 100% organic (Coconut based) Activated-Carbon, which is prosessed with Nano-Silver .

The Inline-Hose-CS-Ultra provides safe and clean drinking water, direct from the source to the storage tank.

The Inline-Hose-CS-Ultra captures micro-organisms, such as bacteria (E-coli reduction > 99.9999%) and adsorbs odour, colour and tast, as wel as chlorine and other chemicals.



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