Inline-C-ULTRA water filter 5 INCH

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99,00 € each Weight: 990 g
Width: 14 cm
Length: 13 cm
Height: 21 cm
Brand: AQUA LogicAQUA Logic

CCS-Inline waterfilter

The AQUA Logic Inline-C-ULTRA has been developed to provide safe drinking water for household use, in situations where there is no regular drinking water supply available.

The filter functions without additional chemicals and has been made from maintenance free and non-corrosive parts.

The metal wall-bracket can be mounted on the filter lid with the enclosed screws. By the aid of two screws the filter can be mounted in the cabinet under the sink. The enclosed 3/8 inch hose-tails can be screwed into the IN and OUT let of the filter. Than cut the hose to the tap and connected them on the filter (be aware of the flow direction). It is advised to use hose clamps.


The AQUA Logic Inline-C-Ultra concept is a unique, straightforward and compact drinking water filter, developed for water treatment in Mobile Home and Yachting.

This water filter consists of a 100% organic (Coconut based) Activated-Carbon, combined with an assembly of Hollow Fibre Ultra Membranes.

The Inline-C-Ultra provides a good quality drinking water with a high flow. It therefore doesn’t need a high pressure pump.

The Inline-C-Ultra adsorbs substances dissolved in water, like chlorine and other chemicals. It captures micro-organisms, such as bacteria (E-coli reduction > 99.9999 %).


User information Inline -C-Ultra (PDF file) .

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