CCS-Tap water filter

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109,00 € each Weight: 1.55 kg
Width: 14 cm
Length: 33.5 cm
Height: 13.5 cm



The AQUA Logic CCS-Tap has been developed to provide safe drinking water for household use, in situations where there is no regular drinking water supply available.


Filter characteristics

The filter medium consists of three different active elements.

  1. The outside surface is made of a special selected and sintered ceramic material. The acting compound is 'Diatomaceous earth' which is a natural mineral that has its origin from algae, or phytoplankton. The ceramic material has very small cavities (micro-membrane) by which dirt and micro-organisms are sieved out.
  2. The inside of the ceramic medium consists of a fine granulated Activated Carbon. This Activated Carbon is made out of Coconut shell. By Carbonizing this organic material, a huge matrix of adsorbing material is created (1 gram of Activated Carbon has a adsorption surface of about 1000 m²). This material adsorbs bad taste, odor and color as well as chloride and other chemicals.
  3. In the ceramic material as well as in the Activated Carbon small Silver partials (colloidal Silver) are added. When Silver comes in contact with micro-organisms it will change their DNA structure which makes it impossible for them to multiply anymore. In that way micro-organisms like bacteria are turned harmless.

The combination of these three natural elements provides a reliable general purpose water filter medium with a bacterial reduction of at least 99.99 %.

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