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Mini Travel Filters


ultra filterAQUA Logic Travel Mate Ultra

The AQUA Logic Travel Mate Ultra has been developed as emergency water filter, in siruations where clean and safe drinking water is not available or where the quality of water cannot be guaranteed.

This filter is a very small and easy to carry in your bag-pack or emergency-kit.

Filter medium: 100% organic Activated-Carbon, combined with an assembly of Hollow Fibre Ultra Membranes.

Bacteria reduction: >99,9999%

Taste and smell: Activated-Carbon adsorbs bad taste, odour and colour as well as chloride and other chemicals.

Price: € 19.50 (including VAT)

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travel mate filter

AQUA Logic Travel Mate 

The AQUA Logic Travel Mate is a drinking water filter that has been designed as a personal drinking water filter for traveling, during expeditions, mountaineering, as well as for relief workers and in, for example, disaster situations.

Filter medium: Ceramic material with activated carbon and silver.

Bacteria reduction: >99,99%

Taste and smell: The carbon filter adsorbs bad taste, odour and colour as well as chloride and other chemicals.

Price: € 59,50 (including VAT)  Reduced in price!

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