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Travel Mate 10002-20

69,50 € each Weight: 0.3 kg
Width: 7.5 cm
Length: 19 cm
Height: 7.5 cm
Brand: AQUA LogicAQUA Logic

Filter characteristics

Waterfilter The filter functions without additional chemicals and has been made from non-corrosive parts.

The filter cartridge consists of a special compound of ceramic material with an activated carbon material inside. Both materials are impregnated with silver.
The ceramic material has very small cavities by which dirt and micro-organisms are sieved out. The carbon filter adsorbs bad taste, odour and colour as well as chloride and other chemicals. Apart from that, micro-organisms like bacteria are turned harmless by the present silver-ions.

Floating dirt, sand etc. is sieved out by the intake filter that is attached to the end of the intake tube. An integrated weight ensures that the intake filter is always fully submerged, so that no floating dirt and air can enter. At the same time a foam floater prevent the intake filter from sucking dirt from the bottom. This floater can be adjusted accordingly.

The surface of the filter cartridge can easily be cleaned by the aid of the enclosed cleaning pad.

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