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CCS-Mobile 10006-20

92,00 € each Weight: 1.45 kg
Width: 14 cm
Length: 33.5 cm
Height: 13.5 cm
Brand: AQUA LogicAQUA Logic


AQUALogic CCS-MobileCCS Mobil water filter

The AQUALogic CCS-Mobile is specially developed for personal purposes in underdeveloped and emergency situations. It can be used for aid and relief work, and when natural disasters occur. With this filter, polluted and contaminated surface water can be easily purified from chemical, organic and bacteriological pollutants. CCS-Mobile Care has been taken to keep the filter compact, reliable and effective as well as relatively cheap to produce. The device needs little maintenance, and is equipped with a build-in cleaning system.


Filter characteristics

De AQUA Logic CS-Mobile is a water filter that consists of a sintered, activated-carbon element which is impregnated with silver. Through the sintering process very small cavities are formed spread over a large area by which dirt and micro-organisms are filtered out. The activated-carbon adsorbs bad taste, odour and colour as well as chloride and other chemicals. Apart from that, bacteria, yeast and other micro-organisms are intercepted and made harmless by the present silver.

The filter functions without additional chemicals and has been made from maintenance free and non-corrosive parts. Its sturdy housing allows it to be used in airdrops in emergency situations.

The integrated hand pump allows this filter to be completely mobile and makes it extremely user-friendly and a cleaning-pad is integrated in the filter. The water-flow with a new cartridge is more than 1 litres per minute.

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