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Travel Mate Ultra 10022-20

19,50 € each Weight: 80 g
Width: 3.5 cm
Length: 18 cm
Height: 3.5 cm
Brand: AQUA LogicAQUA Logic

Filter characteristicsTravel Mate Ultra

The Travel Mate Ultra is a personal survival drinking water filter that can safes your life in an emergency situation. Although it’s tiny, it does everything that is needed to make drinking water out of surface water.

This filter consists of a Activated-Carbon, treated with
Nano-Silver, combined with a assembly of Ultramembranes.
The Activated-Carbon adsorbs color, smell and taste, as well as chemicals like chlorine. The NanoSilver keeps the filter free from growth of microorganisms. The Ultra-membranes captures micro-organisms, such as bacteria (E-coli reduction > 99.9999%).

The filter is very easy to use. Just put the filter in a cup of (pre-filtered) water and suck the water through the filter.



Combi folding bottle TM Ultra




There is a folding bottle available that can be screwed to the filter. This allows water to be forced through the filter.



User information Travel Mate Ultra (PDF file) .

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