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CS-Tap 10017-20

110,00 € each Weight: 1.35 kg
Width: 14 cm
Length: 33.5 cm
Height: 13.5 cm
Brand: AQUA LogicAQUA Logic

AQUA Logic CS-Tap drinking water filterClean tap drinking water

The AQUA Logic CS-Tap has been developed to provide safe drinking water for household use, in situations where there is no regular drinking water supply available.


Filter characteristics

The filter cartridge consists of a sintered activated carbon block, that has been impregnated with silver. Through the sintering process very small cavities are formed, by which dirt and micro-organisms are sieved out. The activated carbon adsorbs bad taste, odour and colour as well as chloride and other chemicals. Apart from that, bacteria, and other micro-organisms are intercepted and turned harmless by the present silver molecules.

The filter functions without additional chemicals and has been made from maintenance free and non-corrosive parts.

Depending on the extent of the pollution of the water source, the filter surface can gradually clog up, which results in a degreased outflow. The filter has an integrated cleaning system which makes easy to clean the filter surface.

By using a 'final date sticker' you will be reminded when the filters cartridge need to be replaced.


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