Siphon-CS-Ultra water filter

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58,25 € each Weight: 0.3 kg
Width: 13 cm
Length: 18 cm
Height: 8 cm
Brand: AQUA LogicAQUA Logic

Siphon C Ultra

AQUA Logic Siphon-CS-Ultra

The Siphon-CS-Ultra concept is a unique, simple and very compact drinking water filter. This concept is similar to the Siphon-C-Ultra, only the Nano-Silver has been added to the Active-Kool. This makes this water filter very good when there is a high degree of contamination of microorganisms, including viruses.

The Siphon-C-Ultra is a three stage filter. The double-sleeve filter sleeve removes all sediments (visible particles). The 100% organic Activated Carbon absorbs dissolved substances in water, such as color, odor and flavorings, as well as chlorine and other chemicals. And it eliminates microorganisms due to the presence of silver ions. The Ultra membranes are made up of many very thin straws and capture microorganisms, such as bacteria (E-coli reduction> 99.9999%).


In this way, this filter provides clean and safe drinking water for a family in a disaster situation, refugee camp or underdeveloped area, with a water yield of 10 to 20 liters per hour.


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