Siphon-C-Ultra water filter

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48,25 € each Weight: 0.3 kg
Width: 13 cm
Length: 18 cm
Height: 8 cm
Brand: AQUA LogicAQUA Logic

Siphon C Ultra

The Siphon-C-Ultra concept is a unique, simple and very compact drinking water filter, designed for the growing group of people in the world who do not have access to clean and safe drinking water. The filter consists of a 100% organic activated carbon in combination with a composition of ultra-membranes. This filter is supplied with a filter stocking, with which sediments can be trapped.

The Siphon-C-Ultra provides drinking water for a family in a disaster situation, refugee camp or underdeveloped area. The filter adsorbs substances dissolved in water and traps microorganisms such as bacteria (E-coli reduction> 99.9999%).

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